Al Hakim-The Wise

Allah says in His Quran-i-Kerim over and over again statements like “To those who are mindful…”,  “for those who have understanding…” and “there are signs for those who use their reason…”.  My Shaykh says “We don’t want anybody to believe blindly.”

In order to love Allah as sufis we need to have a relationship with Allah. To have a relationship means to be steadfast in His reality, to comprehend His words and His examples, to see Allah in everything actively and not just conceptually. So when we read Quran, when we sit with our Shaykh and listen to his teachings about Allah, when we are in nature feeling the breeze and seeing the trees moving with the wind we are asked to comprehend and understand Allah. How do we do this? Contemplation. Allah is asking us to use our wisdom-Hakim. Contemplation is active. First we hear about something, we investigate it, study it, look at it from different angles and then we act with it and then it becomes a live manifestation of Allah. This manifestation is not just intellectual, but it is a love, an unconditional love, that we can share. What makes it unconditional is our intelligence; our ability to think, reason; understand and act with what we know.

Allah’s wisdom can be seen in our own bodies; every moment is a miracle. We are alive, the heart beats and is the vessel for circulating blood 1,000 times a day throughout our bodies without stopping, as well, the lungs continue to circulate and exchange gases without hesitation. This is reason enough to eat healthy and exercise. The more we know…

Allah Hu Akbar! Allah is great.

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