Ya Latif

Al Latif–The Subtle One.

Looking within life’s subtleties are beautiful ways in which we can consciously live in order to become closer to Allah. The path to Allah is riddled with instances that we can be aware of His (Her/It’s)  presence and sometimes not be so aware. The subtleties of Allah are hidden within our perceptions and our perceptions can be veiled by not being aware of our five sences. The five sences are what we have to experience all of Allah’s beautiful names and attributes. Think about an instance that you are caught in fear, or anger, or any other strong emotion where you are not relaxed and present. Now can you remember the scent of the air, or feel the floor under your feet? If we are not conscious of what we are sensing then how can we be conscious of the subtlety that is Allah all around us.

Ya Wadud, Ya Wadud, Ya Wadud (O Love). If we can be Love, embody Love instead of embodying our naf’s (ego’s) whims then can we be aware of the subtle shiftings in each moment?

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