The quickest path to Allah is through Love. The recognition of Allah is in the heart.  In Ayurveda, (Hindu art of healing) the heart is considered the most precious organ and the seat of human consciousness. The fourth chakra, the heart chakra-Anahata, is the powerful center of balance in love and peace. It is the center point above the three lower, world of matter chakras and  below the three, upper world of spiritual chakras. The heart chakra is the pivotal point between the material and spiritual worlds. Love is an emotion that steps into both the material and spiritual worlds. Love crosses all boundaries.

Working to cleanse the heart of pollution, veils, beliefs, unfound truths is the work involved in sufism, with the help of a True Shaykh, Inshallah. The pure heart is a reflection of the Truth, the pure heart is vast and open, the pure heart is unbiased and creative, the pure heart is not cankered with sores of hurt or resentment, the pure heart is love. From love, to love, with love.  This is the quickest way to Allah.

Inshallah, we may walk into our day filled with balance in love and Allah.

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