Al Islam

Al Islam- The Surrender

“Surrender is in every action. As sufis, we learn to surrender, to accept Allah’s decree with a smile. Eyvallah. It should not make any difference to us, he gives, he takes–it doesn’t matter. It is Allah who will make us be able to surrender but it is us who have to take the first step and ask Allah to make it possible for us to surrender. Allah is love and love comes from Allah and Allah manifests his love through anybody.” Shaykh Taner Ansari, Sufi Symposium 2001.

The 99 names are attributes in which we can find our way to surrender to Allah. To be in a state of surrender as dear Shaykh Taner describes above we need to be observant of Allah’s names. As Shaykh has taught his students, we don’t do anything blindly, we must investigate, learn and be curious. Allah has given us the tools in which to do this. How can each of his names bring us closer to Allah? Closer to surrendering to His will? As Shaykh says, surrender is in every action? How?

Allah the most High says in the Quran i Kerim: “Abraham said, It is He who guides me; He who gives me food and drink; He who cures me when I am ill; He who will make me die and give me life again; and He who will, I hope, forgive my faults on the day of Judgement. The Poets

We can recognize that Allah is Al Hadi (the Guide), Al Razzaq (the Sustainer), Al Shafi (the Healer), Al Muhyi (the Reviver) and Al Ghaffar (the forgiver). With understanding each of His names intimately, we can then surrender to what is proven and understood-not proven only by learned knowledge but by what we perceive, experience and see in each moment, activity, person, animal, etc and so on.

I am sick, I don’t feel well, eyvallah (as Allah wills). Isn’t Allah the Healer? Does that mean that I lie back and wait to be healed. Sometimes rest and time is the way to health. Sometimes in order to be healed we need to take medicine. Where does the medicine come from? Herbalists, doctors, scientists, pharmacists; those who have studied and understand the properties of the cure. And again where does the cure come from? Al Shaffi, the Healer–through the herbalist, doctor, scientist, pharmacist.

Surrender isn’t passive it takes a watchful mind, a keen eye and lots of curiousity. Eyvallah. May we all be inspired to question and wonder in hopes to love Allah and surrender and be loved by Allah.

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