Al Ahad- The One

Allah encompasses the 99 Names, The Beautiful Attributes, we do not. Allah does not need our busy-ness. We desire and think we need to be busy in order to feel accomplished, successful, competent, loved, etc and so on. We are wasting Allah’s time if we are constantly doing without checking in with our hearts to see if that is what we need to be doing. Sometimes we just need to be doing nothing. Why is that such a waste? If I am doing nothing but in my heart I know I should be exercising to stay healthy then yes, I am wasting time. But if I exercised everyday and this day I am taking it off in order to assimilate the benefit of movement with it’s opposite, rest, then it is not a waste. Each day, each moment we have the capacity to check in and ask; What do I need to do right now? Is this pleasing to Allah or my nafs? Inshallah (God willing) we choose Allah. 🙂

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3 Responses to Al Ahad- The One

  1. nhdervish says:

    Wonderful my sister, very informing and inspiring from this angle. Ya Shakur Ya Ahad. HU

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