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Al Wakil-The Trustee

Unveiling the heart from fear What deters the sufi from attaining closeness to Allah? The ego. The ego presents with veils over the heart in a variety of manners for each person. One veil is that of fear. The dictionary … Continue reading

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Az Zahir-The Manifest

Allah manifests in a variety of ways. Sufis of the Qadiri Rifai Tariqa are taught to learn Allah by being in the world. Allah’s light is everywhere and it just may not be readily recognized if one is busy with … Continue reading

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Al Qabid-Constrictor: Al Basit-Expander

In sufism we are constantly trying to temper our nafs in order to hear Allah in our hearts. This play is much like training the physical body in yogasana. To maintain a yoga pose one must be both strong and … Continue reading

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99 Beautiful Names of Allah

VII. Al Asma ul Husna–The Ninety Nine Beautiful names of Allah Allah’s are the fairest names. Invoke Him by them. Surah VII:180 In the Quran, Allah the Most HIgh, has described Himself with certain attributes that belong to Him and … Continue reading

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